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Government of Flanders Procurement Plan

The Innovation Procurement Programme is an integral part of the Government of Flanders Procurement Plan. With this plan, the Government of Flanders is working on a strategic and integrated public procurement policy.

The plan is managed through the Flemish Cooperation Forum on Government Procurement. It is composed of representatives of the Government of Flanders, local governments, business sectors and academia and has various bodies such as an extensive agency, a reflection group and various working groups. The PIP project leader attends all these bodies regularly.

Circular Procurement

Circular procuring is an important tool for developing a circular economy in which raw material circles are closed. Circular procurement is often innovative procurement.

That's why we work closely with the Green Deal Circular Procurement.

Working Group Innovation Procurement (WIO)

The Working Group on Innovation Procurement or WIO helps to identify opportunities and remove barriers for innovation procurement in the wider public sector. The working group consists of representatives of the Facility Company, Chancellery and Governance, Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship Agency (VLAIO), Vision 2050 priority transitions, knowledge institutions, strategic research centres and business federations.

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