The Programme for Innovation Procurement

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Public purchasing power as a catalyst for innovation

With the Programme for Innovation Procurement (PIP), the Government of Flanders aims to use its substantial purchasing power strategically as a catalyst for innovation.

Through innovation procurement, PIP creates opportunities for innovation within the Flemish public sector and stimulates innovative answers to numerous societal challenges. PIP works in close cooperation with companies, research centres and public administrations and in doing so, contributes to:

  • a high-performing public administration
  • competitive companies
  • solutions for societal challenges.

Flanders spends more than 30 to 40 billion annually on public procurement. This represents an important economic potential.

The aim of PIP is to convince every Flemish policy maker, public manager and purchaser in the broader public sector of the added value of innovation procurement. It is PIP’s goal to make innovation procurement a structural tool for optimising the functioning of the public sector and its services, and for achieving forward-looking policy objectives.

Our portfolio of innovative (R&D-)projects demonstrates what is possible.